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joanne82"MDJunction means to me - A family away from family, somewhere I can go
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understand how I feel and are going through what I am. I have gained
many friends at MDJunction who I truly care about
" (joanne82)

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MEH56 I've just been diagnosed with scheuermann's kyphosis, and I'm condsidering surgery, so nothing definite but I'll probably write what I want, or my thoughts.

Post-op visit

Oct 04 2010

Today I went back to the doctors for a visit, it started off well. But the doctor had to remove the steri-strips, then for some reason I got really light headed while the doctor was looking at the new xrays, so I had to lay down. The doctor simply said this type of thing happens a couple times a week. My incision itches and I'm not allowed to scratch it... WORST feeling ever!! Dr. Taddonio said I can drive again,but with my parents. My back is fused from T1 to L1. Iknow it happen but what happened at the doctors was really embarassing. And is there any way Ican relievethe itchyness, without actually scratching my back, because it's really annoying!

I found out my back was at 75 degrees before surgery and

i'm now at 35 degrees.

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written by Dirk, October 05, 2010
awesome to hear all is goin well.....ur back looks great...i really can't think of anything to put on ur back without tryin to scratch it....maybe lots of rubbing if u can do it

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