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  "I have had anorexia and now I have bulimia/EDNOS." (Moehn)

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DelicateSoul"I have been with MDJ for quite a while now. When I came I was in need of answers, as well as companionship. I found that and more. I have friends here that are there when I need them. And for that I am grateful!" (DelicateSoul)

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Feb 15 2012
My knees has been getting so week   like loose feeling in them and they just give :( I was chasing my 3 year old playing and they gave for the first time and Im finding it happening more andmore it scares me that someday they wont work... all this does I function like Im 60 yet Im 29 it depresses me! I try so hard to stay posative but no one understands "this" and it seams when I get myself in a posative mode everyone craps on it and doesnt realize how hard I'm trying through all I feel..Ive had a bug for a lil over a week now wich deff doesnt help anything and I get no understanding from my partner never really have nor xtra help when Im sick or feeling pain... is this normal of men to be like this for this stuff or do I have a bad one..not once has he even looked into seeing what fibro really is he knows nothing about it nor seams to care to.. this depresses me more should I not let that bother me.. its sad pulling through everything ALONE..he tells me Im brocken, I feel brocken, and I feel like thats all I am to everyone ...BROCKEN

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