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Hysterectomy for PMDD?

Feb 25 2012

SO Ive been doin a bunch of research and I'm debaiting talking to my obgyn about a hysterectomy  to see if thatl get rid of my PMDD symptoms? Has anyone else looked into this or dne thisand what wer the out come if so? Im 29 and Im done having kid so thats not a worry for me...

Im so sick of the PMDD running  my life I cant control my crazy days and hormones it effects way too much and there's other things that are enough for me that there will never be a perm cure so to me if I can get rid of one thing Ill do what ever it takes...  I wanna be Happy!

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written by Kristin908, February 25, 2012
well it never hurts to talk to your doctor about something. But there are risks with surgery and anesthesia. A hysterectomy may cause other side effects you haven't thought of. Definitely not something that should be taken lightly or decided upon without some serious consideration.

I don't know what treatments you've tried, but there are a lot of things you can do that would help your symptoms. Have you gotten your overall physical health as good as you can - exercising every day, eating many servings of fresh fruit & vegetables every day? Keeping your weight in a normal range? What about mental health: good social life, positive outlook, taking time to enjoy yourself, etc?

Just being physically, mentally & emotionally healthy can go a long way in helping to ease symptoms. Did you know that professional female athletes don't have PMDD or really severe PMS? That's because of all the exercise they do, which proves that exercise relieves PMDD symptoms. (And I'm NOT saying you need to start exercising 6 hours every day. A half hour would help tremendously). And exercise is great for your overall health.

written by linsomnie, July 02, 2012
I'm looking into this too actually.. getting a partial hysterectomy. I've tried everything else. None of it has worked. smilies/sad.gif I'm 34 and it's very hard to find a doctor who will do it (which I have) but then getting your insurance to cover it is a whole different thing.

I'm not asking for a full hyster.. just removal of my uterus.. and if I have to do an epidural to do it just to minimize my risks with anesthesia, etc. then so be it. Just take away my periods! smilies/tongue.gif
written by jenpat2011, October 04, 2012
It really frustrates me when people offer the simple solution of diet & exercise to alleviate PMS/PMDD. THAT'S THE WHOLE PROBLEM!! PMDD causes me to be listless, have no energy, eat and eat and eat. But I'm supposed to what? Just show some self control, override the overwhelming symptoms of PMDD and just eat healthy and exercise?! You can't get out from under the symptoms long enough or consistently enough to do the things you're suggesting so they actually can make a difference. You're statements & thoughts are so simplistic and patronizing. If I COULD do that, don't you think I WOULD HAVE by now??

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