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  "Lost my son @ 8 yrs old to apendamoma brain cancer" (urfriend)

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libit"I was alone and desperate with my disease when I found MDJunction. Finding so many great people that understood my illness and could relate the same feelings to me was a life saver. I now have many new friends here that help me out of my bad days and for that I am very THANKFUL!" (libit)

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amyjo1975 Diary of how my daughter is doing.


Mar 16 2011
Well we did not get to discharge on Monday....Kourt had a little setback and the doctor is trying to fix her meds.  Apparently it came out in Family therapy that she sabotaged herself.  The reasoning is she has court ordered visitation with her grandparents and she is scared to go on the visit.  She would rather be in the hospital than go on the visit.  It breaks my heart.  Call into our Lawyer and hopefully he can help us somehow.  Its springbreak and all the other kids are being really good and having a good time off from school.  They miss their sister.  Hopefully discharge next week.

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