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amyjo1975 Diary of how my daughter is doing.


Jun 20 2011
Well we had an 8 hr. pass with Kourtney yesterday.  The pass went ok I guess.  She just seems really off to me.  I dont really know how to explain it.  I realize that she will probablynever be the same Kourtney as she was before but it is still hard to except.  She did not have any outbursts when she was redirected and that is good but I just was really uneasy.  I hate that I feel this way.  On the previous pass which was last weekend she waas the only one of the kids here and while I was gone she packed up all her little sisters stuff and put it in a garbage bag and put it in the garage.  She told her Dad she was just cleaning out from under her bed.  Her lil Sis was devastated when she came home and all her toys were missing.  She tends to be so mean toward her lil Sis and I wish we could figure out why.

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