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  "My second daughter, Grace, was born premature with Congenital CMV." (dudtmulzet)

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jackie1979"MDJ is like a family to me where I can talk to others who understand how I feel. I can as group leader help others and support them and be there
for each other for the good and bad times. MDJ has helped me come to terms with my disability and be able to live my life and be positive. I just hope that I can be there for others like my friends on MDJ have been here for me.
" (jackie1979)

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jazzie1973 A few years ago I confronted my best friend about her drinking. Told her the effects it was having on her daugther. I was the only one not blinding myself to her destruction. Due to my honesty she turned away from me. Now she is sick, dying and needs all the support she can get. It will be a process for both of us.

Saw her daugther this weekend

Apr 15 2012

Thankfully she is spending time with her mother but nothing as far as feelings has changed. She says she does not love her mother and that she is okay with whatever happens. Now she does not hate hereither and she is not treating her badly by any means just no feeling either way.

I will just stand by her either way and we will deal with it as it comes. My friend cancelled our plans with an excuse so I did not get to see her, but I am told she looks the same and is in a lot of pain. Good news is the one and only person she actually ever even kinda listened to (her step mom) is coming down to visit so I will hope that she makes sense of it all and can help.

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