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  "For my mommy in heaven " (xxantscickxx)

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River"MDJ means never being alone, I have made so many wonderful friends. The support is just awsome. Thanks so much for being there.River" (River)

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jazzie1973 A few years ago I confronted my best friend about her drinking. Told her the effects it was having on her daugther. I was the only one not blinding myself to her destruction. Due to my honesty she turned away from me. Now she is sick, dying and needs all the support she can get. It will be a process for both of us.

Puzzles and Unturths

Mar 24 2012
For years my friend has been telling me what doctors have diagnosis...bipolar to start. She was a social drinker but would get hammered not just tipsy. We did not see it then.... now thru the puzzle piecesand the web of stories shes told it is clear. 3 years ago my best friend's daugther came to my sister and told her my friend has been drinking all day every day. That when we see a soda cup from a store in her hand it has booze in it. That she passes out every night. Her daugther was 15. She admitted that it was happening for a long time but did not want to tell on her mother. We as a group, my sister, her boyfriend (which is my friend's ex husband and her daugther's father) decided I (being her closest friend) should confront her. Since I have verbally in the past with no results I wrote a letter. I explained the effects it had on her child, and how it was not healthy for her body, and her mind. With the bipolar meds and so on. She was hurt, called me names, told me all my faults and then didn't speak to me for months. Called me to talk.... we again tried to build our relationship back but the drinking did not stop only got worse. I again confronted her. She told me her mom was dying of liver failure from years of drinking. (something we dealt with in our teens) And I had no sympathy... told her ... your mom made a choice to continue to destroy her body for years and years. Told her ,,,, her bed is made. She was so drunk and rambling... we fought and she again personally attacked me and I walked away from her. Did not speak from Oct till today. Today I visited her in the hospital. She lied to me said she is sick from a gall bladder infection and it attacking her kidney's. Prob because she thinks I will say I told you so. But it was her she was telling me about in Oct. It was her who was dying. Instead of being honest with me and herself she lied and keep on drinking and now has a death sentence. Now her friends and family have to cope with this .... we love her no matter what.... I just could not handle being around her destruction. Now I have to come to terms with being there for her death. If she does not stay clean for 6 months she will not qualify for a transplant. I don't have faith it will happen. I want to so badly. So this is my short version of a really long story. But the bottom line is I want to I need to have faith in her, and maybe this diary will help me achieve that. I will write the daily happening of her progress and that will help me and her see she can do this. At least I hope so! 

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