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  "substance Abuse. Panic Attacks an it didnt have 1 for parinoed as fook lol" (intwominds)

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bmac"A place to communicate with individuals that share my
pain and joy and allow me to "vent" without being judgmental.. MDJunction helped me understand my condition when many did not.
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jazzie1973 A few years ago I confronted my best friend about her drinking. Told her the effects it was having on her daugther. I was the only one not blinding myself to her destruction. Due to my honesty she turned away from me. Now she is sick, dying and needs all the support she can get. It will be a process for both of us.
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Mixed emotions

Apr 28 2012

My friend was put into ICU on Thursday, she went in to do pre op test for a scheduled draining of her stomach. When they checked her levels they found her blood count way down and she was bleeding internally. They did a endoscopy and colonoscopy but they say they can not see anything. She had a blood transfusion and a plasma transfusion, and they drained her abdomin. While I was there today, they tested her blood and although the levels were still low they had not changed and she could go home. So I waited and took her home. Her mother was trying to clue me in a something but my friend stopped her. And basically said she was tried so that I would go. Something tells me it is close and I am not sure why she does not want to tell us what is going on.

I will say that this is the first time that I spoke to her and I spoke to the friend I had before the disease took her. That was the only good part of todays visit.

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