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mobey"MDJunction has become a lifeline to my recovery. I use this site as a daily coping tool where i can share my thoughts,my fears and ask ways to cope with living life with a illness. I also found new friends here and they have restore my faith in humanity. People everywhere come here to share same problems or solutions to problems we encounter in our lives. MDjunction is a wonderful site and has help not only myself but also my family and friends. I recommend this site to anyone who thinks they are alone dealing with an illness and also to those who have love ones who suffer from illnesses. I will keep spreading the word about MDJunction to organizations who deals with illnesses that would benefit having MDjunction as a support system.Bottom line is.. I found myself again through MDJunction" (mobey)

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mommypat6 my journey

Settled into my routine

May 08 2012
Well, I've gotten it all down to routine Mon & Tues. I feel alright. Wed get my blood drawn. Thurs. get Neoprogen injection start feeling bad through Friday when i get another injection ofNeoprogen. Sat get my blood drawn in the AM and get an injection of Pegayays in the PM. Sunday don't feel great then start all over again! But I'm doing it!  Can't wait to get back to normal.  I wanna start working out more so I can be cute for the summer!

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