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DelicateSoul"I have been with MDJ for quite a while now. When I came I was in need of answers, as well as companionship. I found that and more. I have friends here that are there when I need them. And for that I am grateful!" (DelicateSoul)

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mitzigirl Living Life on God's Path! Taking it one day at a time. Letting Go and Letting God!

What Keeps Viv Connected......God and the friends he has allowed me to make here!!

Jun 09 2009

As I set here at 2am in Tn..I was thinking about how at times I just need to feel connected..God I know I always have a direct connection with you and that I am never alone you are here...Then thereare the other connections..Lord you allowed me to use a computer and find MDJ the night before Thanksgiving..As I sat praying that I need a purpose and a way to connect to someone..and Lord it wasn't long before I found here..Over the past 6 plus months Lord you have allowed many people to come into my life...Some were for a short period but others I have no doubt will be here until Viv is not here anymore.

No matter short of long each has had its impact on me and I have love and prayed for all...God you know I never read a post or answer that I don't first pray..I pray to never hurt anyone with my words and to use me to help in anyway I can.. I pray for wisdom as to who I can help along the way....and expect nothing in return....

 I came here not liking or really trusting men and avoided them at all cost unless it was on the boards..One day one came to me in a hug and said Mitzi you know you cant judge all the little fisheys in the sea by one...I thought about it for awhile prayed about it then answered that hug and today we talk everyday on IM and I so enjoy him..thank you Lord for allowing me to read that and understand the meaning...Then another man pmed me and asked if I ever wanted to talk to let him know...I pray again went to him and we pmed awhile then Lord you allowed me to IM with him and then him call..Lord I would have never thought I would have done this and he means so much to me.Thank you lord for allowing him to come..Then the night I sat in my message center and prayed Lord send me someone tonight to talk to and in less than 5 minutes a new member on the depression board came to me and asked me if I was alright and said he was up most nights if I ever wanted to pm him or IM him..Lord you know what he means to me..He always comes to me and talks to me..that is a connections...There are others Lord like our new member of depression who came to me and asked for my number so he could play the piano for me..He has severe health problems but wanted to share this with me..He has twice and plays beautifully and I feel so blessed to be shared with..

Lord there are many others who pm me each day and we talk and chat and they call me on the phone to check and see how I am...Lord you know how much this means to me and how much I love you Lord for allowing this to take place..Lord if you hadnt of lead me to this site it would not of happen I would be sitting here alone and doing nothing much when health wont allow me to get out..

Lord you know how much I Love All of these people with every fiber of my being..I am so blessed to have them in my life and proud to be connected with each and everyone of them.....

I wont name names there are too many I care about and love and would never want to leave anyone out because each of you are important to me and I am so thankful....Some who read this will know who you are by what you had written to me the others know who are so special to me and love by me..

Lord thank you for keeping me connected to you our Father first and foremost..Without you there would be none of these people here who care about me...Even when I am gone allow them to know they were loved and prayed for by me all the time...

This morning Lord I have a special request for my brother Daniel who is laying in a hospital in canada so desperately ill..God you know how much he means to me and to the others that he has helped along the way Lord..I come to you this morning asking if it is your will to touch him and make him hole again...and Lord if it is you will to take Daniel home I ask that he not suffer and I know he is your child and will be in a much better place than the rest of us are still here...Lord Bless his family and keep them stronge and allow them to abide by your decision God...And Lord allow all here who knows Daniel and loves him to pray about this...Anyone who knows him know how he loves you Lord so give them the strength to deal with this and understand no matter what it is in your hands God..Daniel my brother In Christ I am praying for you as many others are.. You have impacted so many lifes including mine...As me and you talked about the night before you went in that the fleshly part of us wants to be selfish and not let go...and Daniel sure has had his share of having to let go as well as I have too...As we spoke he sent me a poem about being Face to Face with you Lord and told me not to be sad but to rejoice that me and him would meet face to face in eternity and it wouldn't be that long..Lord as I reflect over that conversation among many we had I know he was trying to prepare me so if he did not come through this..Lord he also ask me to pray for him and you know God I have been praying day and night..So Lord I give this to you and I will continue to pray that your will will be done...Lord allow Daniel to know how much he meant to so many and how he blessed me when he told me he spoke on many platforms all over cananda about a woman named Vivian who he calls his trojan prayer warrior and how she has lead so many people through all her suffering..I never had any ideal Lord he had done this and I dont think of myself in this way so bless him for letting me know this...I will close by saying all of you here I know are special to me....and many I have grown to love....and I do believe many loves and cares for me too.....Daniel I know you sick as you are your sister said you would up from the coma and requested prayer for me..Thank you my brother....

 And Lord is Viv connected here..? Yes indeed I am and thank you Lord for the wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon me..AMEN!

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written by Dit, June 10, 2009
Viv, so beautifully written, thank you for saying what I could say too about the wonderful friendships that we've made here at mdj. Daniel....he touched my heart too, please pm to let me know what happened????I've been praying for him too and he and I have pmed each other a few times and you are so right, he is very special. I'm very worried about him.
written by Supportless, June 18, 2009
Viv, I believe you are truly a "Gift from God." I came here out of nowhere, didn't know that this site existed but somehow landed here and not in a good state of mind. I don't know how I would have made it had it not been for meeting and talking/not talking with you. You are here for a reason and I truly believe that. There is also a reason that you and Daniel met and became very close. I thank the good Lord that he led me to you. You have become like a sister to me and I will never forget you. I hope that life lets me meet you someday. I love you so very much and I appreciate every day that I am able to talk with you. You are in my prayers every day and will continue to be. You are a very special person. The kind of lady that I don't meet everyday or even possibly twice in a lifetime. I will never forget you, Karen smilies/smiley.gif

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