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ZoellaLynne I chose to name my diary Mirai because that is what I call my actual physical diary. I thought it was lame to write 'Dear Diary' everytime so I chose Mirai because that was my nickname as a kid. I chose to be called Mirai when I was a kid because it means 'future' in Japanese and I was always looking towards the future.


Nov 12 2011

So lately I haven't been on here at all. I had planned on writing much more. I was going to write more on my mother, and I suppose I will later, but usually when I write I have some kind of powerfulemotion backing it up. Lately I have felt nothing. My emotions have all been superficial lately.

Some people would think that this is awesome, but its not. I would take overwhelming guilt over this empty chasm in my chest because at least then I would know I was alive. Right now I don't know what's going on with me.


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written by zoon, November 13, 2011
Sometimes our addiction includes being addicted to the chaos, out of control, anxious ovewhelmed emotions. This emptiness may be a good thing. Your mind and soul shut down and turn off emotion out of exhaustion. Again, this is a good thing. The nothingness may be just what you need. Find peace in the mental quiet and begin introducing positive thoughts to replace the stress. Use mental images to erase (like a black board) the past and paint on a whole new canvas for the future. Meditate, pray, change! I have faith in you! Choose happiness and be joyfull! God Bless!

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