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Kelti"MDJ has been a saving grace for me. It has taken from me that feeling of being so alone in the management of my Bipolar Disorder. I am not alone any more!! The friends on MDJ that I have made have kept me going. I am more at peace with myself now, thanks to all the people here on MDJ. I thank God for each one of them. MDJunction is the place of Hope." (Kelti)

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ZoellaLynne I chose to name my diary Mirai because that is what I call my actual physical diary. I thought it was lame to write 'Dear Diary' everytime so I chose Mirai because that was my nickname as a kid. I chose to be called Mirai when I was a kid because it means 'future' in Japanese and I was always looking towards the future.
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Feb 18 2012
How do I go back to church, when I am so dirty? How do I allow myself to be this way. I am too undeserving.

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written by mamajo, February 21, 2012
You have to remember that church is full of "dirty" people. We all have our own dirt which is why we are there. God still loves you, He's never left you and He's just waiting for you to come to Him. He'll be there for you always which to me, is kind of good to know smilies/smiley.gif He's a friend that sticks by you thru thick and thin, we just have a tendency to forget that.
written by anaddict, February 22, 2012
I feel EXACTLY the same way
written by janicepv, February 28, 2012
mamajo is 100% right.God is all forgiving. And there are a lot of "dirty" people in church.
written by Craftcordmom, March 14, 2012
As humans, none of us are deserving of God Love and Grace. God gives Grace and Love as a gift. It has always been there for you chose to accept God's love and grace.
Society has given the church a reputation, an expectation of perfection, cleanliness, and non acceptance. God's love is none of these. Humans on the other hand bring their own insecurities into the church.
There are many churches that are full of healing, dirty people as stated. If you read the bible, God utilized many underserving individuals to do awesome things. Paul, once Saul hated those who believed in the Christ and killed many just because. Yet God utitlized him in a way to become a leader of the Christian church.
Esther, non jewish, married a jew and learned to believe and aided Ruth her mother in law and has an entire book of the bible dedicated on her suffering and strong belief. She was not accepted in her country or Ruth's country and God utilized her. Rahab, a woman of the night, became a believer and her family was spared durimg a slaughter of a her town.
Zaccheaus, who was a short stealing income tax collector was given grace and love by Christ to change his ways and he would be forgiven for all his tresspasses against others.
Those are just a few characters I can think of off the top of my head. God utilized those who are opened minded, willing to serve, and have an understanding that they are not worthy of God's love and grace. And are humble in this fact, that they cant do it alone or because they are simply human.
We as humans are not meant to live life alone or unsupported.
It isnt a weak factor of those who believe. Its an understanding that there is something far greater than ourselves, our own race, our own beings.
And that there is more to life than just living day to day. But to try... to try... to live a life worth living that is worth Eternal life. And no one can live up to that measure. Only Christ has successfully lived a spotless life and died to beat death and allow us to have the gift of Eternal life. and through Christ if we believe, offers us the gift of Eternal life.
Have faith, believe, know that there are many who are not worthy that attend church. And we as a collective group, simply try to do better. We dont always succeed, but we try.
Dont let the worlds expectation of perfection, cleanliness, and any other decriptions keep you away from church or believing. God is always welcoming a heart that is hurting.
Church wont take away the pain, it trys to help and support. For we are only humans. Only God, prayer and faith can heal.
I have rambled on.. yet once you experience God's love and grace. Then you want others to have the chance to experience it, to understand, to breath, to know there is something more out there than just living day to day. in this world of hatred and sin. Really the love and grace is there for the taking.. its up to you to accept it..You are a child of God! Created by the almighty for a reason. Given the will of choice to be loved.

Prayers and hugs to you.. and all who read.. God's love and grace is waiting for you.. really!

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