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pooh197626 This diary will be for my medical journey. The second opinions, and the medications and new findings.

New doctor...

Sep 29 2009
Just writing in that I am going to see a new PCP on October 7th. I kind of got irritated with the one I currently have after he told the SSD hearing judge that I could stand for 6 hours out of an 8 hourday and that I could lift over so many pounds.....I can not even stand at the kitchen sink and do dishes for 5 minutes let alone stand in a work environment for 6 hour +. I also told him about my knee giving me problems going up and down steps and it swelling and he prescribed and open patella knee sleeve and told me to stop all exercises with the knee. Ok what good is that going to do osteo arthritis? I was in physical therapy for strengthening of muscles and to increase flexability but I had gotten cellulitis in my one leg and was told to stop the physical therapy until it cleared up. He told me I could go back to therapy and when I called him about getting a knee sleeve for my knee he told me to stop all knee exercises. did not make sence to me so I am going to pursue another doctors opinion. I will keep the new things posted. 

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