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Chrissybell1 My journey as Michael's Mother. The Mother of a newly diagnosed Bipolar first born boy.

April 2nd 2012 - So far So good

Apr 02 2012

Since the last post, Michael has come home from the residential treatment facility for his dual diagnosis of substance abuse and bipolar. 

We have seen the local bipolar expert, Dr. JakeRoberts who did give us an excellent consultation and adjustment of Michaels meds so that Michael has a bigger by-in with his treatment and he no longer feels so tired during the day time.

It feels that we have our son back and I am just thankful for every moment with my son. He seems to have re-started at the place where he began at the age of 17. I have explained that he has lost some developmental years but that sometimes you have to take some steps back in order to move ahead.

He does not feel that he has bipolar, which is very typical of the condition, I have explained it to him that  bipolar is a spectrum medical disease where you can be a little bipolar and when he was very sick he was "off the charts" very bipolar, but that now that he is on a good medication regiment we have it controlled to a certain level that he is only slightly bipolar. I have explained it to him that that is what our whole goal is with treatment, is that he manage this medical disease so efficiently that no one will ever be able to guess that he has bipolar. I liken it to the management of diabetes in which if you live the correct lifestyle and get the proper consultation from an expert on the condition, the diabetic need not suffer things like loss of sight, or kidneys, or loss of limbs to amputation. Michael seems to understand this and is currently very compliant with the meds.

I am so thankful for all the blessings that we have experienced to get Michael to this point in his recovery and I pray that it continues in this way. Of course I am concerned that something is going to happen to throw a wrench in this, but that is my issue as a worry-wort.

I pray for Michael, myself and all person's with bipolar and the people who love them that we all have more days in harmony and balance than the imbalanced "bipolar" days.

I am also very thankful for this wonderful support site that has helped me so very much. 

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