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  "I just recently beat Ovarian cancer" (camicamille)

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JAYEPAWS"It means that finally I have someone to relate too. that I'm not the only one with these kind of problems. it really feels good not to be alone in this. I've made some good friends. I appreciated the support that I have found here at this site,

where as other parts of my life I don't get.
Thank you for being there & creating this site.

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cuddleme I have Lupus and I need to stay strong but sometimes I think what for?

had the surgery

Jun 28 2010
well i had the surgery done on the 26th saturday well it went really well i was happy than i got home and wow talk about being sore i feel like one gaint brooze and i cant sleep and my back is giving me so much pain now i now it will be worth it in the end but i hate going threw all the pain to get there the healing time is 2 months i hope i can handle 2 months of this i have to keep this brace on my back and it tight and im not to remove it for 2 weeks it sucks no shower and its summer time not to mention 108 i miss my shower time i just hope and pray this will all be worth it cuz if not i done know what i will do

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written by scorpioj, June 28, 2010
I hope you are feeling better, no showers that does suck! Hopefully the results when you have healed will make all the sacrifices worth it!
Take care,
scorpioj smilies/kiss.gif
written by Pixie1960, June 29, 2010
Hi Cuddleme,

I'm so sorry that you're in such pain. Did your doctor not give you any pain meds? It must be really terrible not to be able to take a shower...especially during this time of year. Perhaps you can take a sponge bath. I will be so hoping that this surgery has worked and it will all be well worth it when you finally heal.

You take care and keep us posted okay? Hang in there!

Gentle hugs,

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