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  "For my best friend's baby girl" (microchick03)

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julie411"The parents of addicts group has been the greatest help for me. When I first found out about my daughters herone addiction, I was crushed. I felt numb, helpless shocked and alone. I did not want to tell any one. I did not know what to do, or know how to handle it.
The parents and leaders of this group were life savers. They helped me every step of the way. The compassion, love and support is amazing. My daughter is now a recovering addict.I know even if this were to change, I have my support. I love this group so very much.
" (julie411)

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WantDignity I plan on describing to the best of my ability the trial I go through to not only put my anger in its place but to find truely who I am.

Racial-Identity- Disorder

Apr 29 2009

Racial-Identity Disorder

I had no idea that this existed but here it is. The following the symptoms. . .

#Refusal to be addressed by any other race.
>Engagement in activities stereotypicalof the other race.
>Extreme disgust of there own race (adversion to skin color, body type, or social status).
>Adoption of typically dress, speech, and behavior of racial group in question.
>Changing name to further represent other race.
>Relocation to area prevalent with said race.

The ones with the arrows are the ones I fall under. I was asked what makes this a disorder and not just a hobby. I couldn't seem to explain but I figured it out later. What makes it a disorder is the lengths a person would go to become a different ethnicity. Just like Gender-Identity Disorder, I am willing to do what it takes to make myself as asian as possible just so that when I see myself in the mirror my outside matches my inside.

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