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anamore"MDJ has saved my life, I was a recoverying addict, feeling so alone and helpless, then I found MDJ. Sharing my story w/ others and getting support and comfort has made me a stronger person. Being able to help someone who is all alone and in so much pain is so rewarding
I have met some great ppl that have had a strong influence on my life. MDJ gave me my life back..
" (anamore)

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KimberlyR This is my private daily journey in hopes to overcome my fears of rejection,my fight and need to be normal and my hope to discover a sense of purpose and friendship.
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racing thought cure?

Aug 23 2011

its almost midnight and despite taking my meds that usually help me sleep i am wide awake.  part of it probably is that my husband had to work a night shift tonight and wont be back until morning.  my cats wont even cuddle me.

i posted a question about racing thoughts/anxiety,but its late so i'm not expecting any answers right away i wish there was a cure to this madness

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