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  "I want to show my support for everyone.. I want to wear every Ribbon because my ..." (IdontLookSik)

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Peace77"Mdj to me is a place a can visit to talk to anyone while going through a hard time with depression.
I have learned so much from others and I'm grateful to all my special friends here. It truly is a place you can talk to people, and you will never be treated negatively. I have found only, caring and kind support here. Thank you Mdj for a place I call my home, when I need to get away from my life..and have unbiased support..
" (Peace77)

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KimberlyR This is my private daily journey in hopes to overcome my fears of rejection,my fight and need to be normal and my hope to discover a sense of purpose and friendship.


Aug 31 2011

I hate it when people aren't honest with me  3 months ago when the transportation crap hit the fan i asked a friend if she wouldnt mind driving me one day weeek to the pool. Granted she is in her 60s,but  physically strong.  days later she said that she didn't have room in her car for the wheelchair and it wouldnt be worth it to come all the way out here.  i thought i was being assertive and said you know i really dont want to hear it.  and hung up ieven asked if she could come over once in awhile she didnt say anything.  ive known her for years.  i used to do a  lot of nice things for her and this is the thanks i get.  she called today asking if i would still be her friend.  She was upset that i hung up on her and i told her i was upset because she wouldnt even come over.  it wasnt even about the pool.  she proceeded to tell me that she only drives to the mailbox i told her that she shouldve told me that.  i got an ok.  i feel like she back pedaled.  i know she hates to drive,but i also know she goes to the city to pick up her son when he visits. i mentioned that and she denied it.  to make matters worse she gossiped about the situation to someone else that has been disrespectful to me  and i no longer talk to.  i made up with her anyway.  im still angry.  i know the most we will ever do is talk on the phone.  i shouldve been more assertive


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