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Colleenj"As someone with Bipolar II, it is not easy finding people who understand. Here at MD Junction, EVERYONE understands. What an incredible feeling it is knowing that I don't have to deal with this disorder alone. MD Junction is the best resource I have found on the internet as support for just about any mental or physical condition." (Colleenj)

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ApryleLuv Giving up the ghost isn't an option, but writing about its trials and tribulations is a healthy release.

Okay, now I'm scared

Nov 18 2011

It's the morning of my ERCP.   After a jaunting 2 hour drive today, they will be sticking a tube down my throat to the biliary tract to take pictures.  I have two thoughts.  One, it is amazing what they can do these days.  Two..  I'm scared to death.  I have read up on the test through the doctor ( and reputable places.)  why don't I feel comfort?  I guess I'm just realizing how serious this could be too.  sludge and galls stones nothing,  but narrowing is scary.  I know what it does in my intestines,  I can't imagine how much damage it could be causing to other vital organs.  

Chron's disease has definitely given my life many twist and turns and dark voids to go through.  I wish I could say I felt like everything today was going to be JUST FINE.  I have faith that it will be, but I know there are no guarantees.  I wish my Mom could be there.  I wish my Sister would snap out of her funk ( she seems so depressed.)  and be there for me too.  I'm scared. 

God protect me today,  give me strength and allow me to not feel shaken in my faith today.  You alone know my path, and you walk with me in the good and carry me in the bad  Keep me safe today,  and watch over my husband and child.  In your name I pray- Amen

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written by libit, November 18, 2011
Apryeluv my thoughts are with you. Please let me know how you are doing...

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