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  "Although I have not been actually diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome, I had a car..." (sdpebbles)

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shamarie6"MDJunction to me is a place of refuge. A place I can come to for the support that I need, as well as a place to support others in need. A place where I don't worry about being judged because of my disabilities & there are people who truly understand what I live with on a daily basis." (shamarie6)

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zorski I was born in LA and raised in New York. Lived in San Diego and landed in Portland, OR.
I take lexapro10mg in the morning, plus just started lamictal 25mg in the morning eventually to ramp up to 100-200mg a day. At night I take seroque 50mg, and 2mg of clonazepam. I have horrible nightmares just before I wake up and usually start the day crying in my coffee.
I also went through a recovery program to get off ativan, which is ironic since I"m back on benzo's . I gave up drinking alcohol myself and attend AA meetings.
I never know whether my moods are from my disease or when I have a med change.
My greatest wish is to wake up one morning without having had nightmares.
I do alot of research on the web about nightmares and my medications. I know lamictal can cause nightmares but I just started it one week ago.
the plan is once i"m stable on lamictal to wean off clonazepam slowly. I wonder if anyone out there is on clonazepam and suffering nightmares too.
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getting better

Mar 30 2012
things are looking up-seems like I'm on  good combo of drugs-seroquel, lexapro, suboxone and librium. 

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written by Joy75, March 30, 2012
I'm happy to hear that things are looking up and you got a good combination of medications. This is great news!
written by zorski, March 31, 2012
thanks for keeping tabs on me...hope you are doing well

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