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geeterman"When I was first diagnosed with RP I had trouble finding information and then making sense of some of the info I found. So I thought who better to talk to than people who also have the disease. I stumbled upon MD Junction and found the information and support I was hoping for. I now visit the Junction everyday and look forward to giving someone else the help or direction that they may be searching for. I get a few minutes on occaision from a doctor here at the Junction I can reach out to someone everyday." (geeterman)

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Life with CRPS/RSD

My experience with RSD and the Procedure's and medication to try and keep the pain at bay


Jul 15 2011
It's been two days since I had the SCS implant and I couldn't be happier. Surgery recovery is nothing compared to what I was dealing with so my pain is greatly reduced. Though it doesn't seemto relieve all the pain it decreased it by 80% which I am happy with. I'm hoping that after healing and with time that percentage will increase. But if not I can live with it. Weird to say I sl...


Jun 27 2011
I am set to have the SCS implant in a few weeks. So if all goes well with my insurance company agreeing to it I will be so happy. Still fighting with WC they cut my weekly benefits again and haven't paid a medical bill in months. my lawyer says he is all over it but sitting on this side I don't see much. Medication and co-pays are starting to take it's toll. And now they cut me off aga...

Thank you

Jun 19 2011

I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of you that have commented and emailed me. It helps me a lot and gives me a bit of hope.

 Thank you,



One day at a time

Jun 15 2011
The trial SCS has been out over a week now and I can't wait for the permanent implant. I must say workers comp is the worst kind of insurance there is when dealing with something like this. They shouldall have to go through sensitivity training or something. They are fighting so hard to keep me from getting this help. I have been to so many doctors they were shuffling me around to find a docto...

My first surgery

Jun 01 2011
Yesterday May 31, 2011 I had a trial neurostimulaion implant to help mask the pain in my right leg from which i suffer rsd. No medications or Physical therapy helped at all. The pain was so intense i actually thought it would be better if they amputated the leg. Hard to think straight when your in so much pain and from that you develop depression, anxiety, and just feel plain helpless. Since my RS...

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