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Cata"MDJ gave me the chance to see that, in reality, I was not alone. It is my refuge. It means true understanding, shared knowledge, and support that is free of judgment. What I have received and given here is more powerful than I ever thought it could be. This place is all about love." (Cata)

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heatherr These are my thoughts on my life with Brandon, the love of my lifetime, who is a bipolar II in denial.

Its been some time...

Sep 02 2008

since I have written.  Almost 5 months to the day to be exact.  Things have gotten better, gotten worse, gotten better etc...  The teeter totter continues.

We started couples counselinglast week, and we go again in 2 days.  Its too soon to tell if its helping any, Im not optimistic yet.  He did pick up the book I bought him on bipolar II, and related all too well with what he read.  What he didnt do is contemplate scheduling with a pdoc or take it serious enough to do anything about it.

I found a bunch of porn tonight that he apparently was hiding from me.  Makes me wonder what else he is hiding from me.  Could be nothing, just dont know why he felt the need to hide it when I have been very open about not having a problem with it.

Im not feeling very great about things lately, not for a particular reason, just being negative I guess.  Hopefully things will improve soon.

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written by diane38, September 03, 2008
hey Heather,

I think i am new since you joined . I too have been going through the same thing with my bp friend

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