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  "For my Uncle and cousin. And all the vets. " (redflash11)

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Nightstars"Before I met MDJ earlier this year,I was severely isolated, avoiding direct contact with the world.
Now because of being able to contact anonymously, ask questions and get answers, and contribute to helping others,I am becoming part of the world again. I'm a member of several support groups.It helps me get a picture of how to become the whole person I want to be.
" (Nightstars)

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livn4jc4evr life

Depressed n pain

Jan 27 2009


I am depressed in pain.  I can barely move and no one gets how bad, bad is.  I just want to scream but I can't find the energy.  I can't type anymore because it is just too painful.  I just wish it was over.   I am just in so much pain that I feel like I don't care about anything and I am just getting by.  I wish I could say this is not my life.

Sorry for the pity party but I just wish I could scream.  Why can't they understand I am dying here?  WHY???

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