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Why wear a ribbon?

  "For my Son with Tricuspid Atresia. " (mysonsheart)

MDJunction to me

jackie1979"MDJ is like a family to me where I can talk to others who understand how I feel. I can as group leader help others and support them and be there
for each other for the good and bad times. MDJ has helped me come to terms with my disability and be able to live my life and be positive. I just hope that I can be there for others like my friends on MDJ have been here for me.
" (jackie1979)

MDJunction testimonials

finding peace and courage

May 11 2011
Finally feeling at peace over a longer period of time...... my lows are getting farther and fewer in between..... I thank God for today..... the peace and strength that i feel right now....... thank youLord. ...

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