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  "I have Intercranial Hypertension, also known as Pseudotumor Cerebri" (PrettyPosies)

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mitzigirl"MDJunction has meant opening up new doors to give help and friendship
and certainly I have receive more than I have ever given. These people
here are my friends and some even my family. I am here all the time
this is my outlet to the world and people helping people just like
when my insurance was taken. Everyone came to my aide. I am so
grateful for MDJunction!
" (mitzigirl)

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DaRealMe From the time that it happens to the point when I write it down.

Off to a Good Start

May 11 2009
Well today was ok. I was able to go to work and even though we were slow, and I left early I still went to the grocery store, and cleaned the refrigerator.  So I still feel productive.  Anyways, on another good note I managed NOT to have another what has turned into be a daily knock down drag out fight with my boyfriend.  So that was good.  Hopefully tommorrow there will be no headaches, no fights, no breakdowns, no major catastrophes!  And then I'll be off to a good week. Yes!

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