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  "All these Ribbons I am wearing, I support all these causes, since, I am always i..." (MULBERRY8)

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Bettyg"MDJ means a place for others with my type of illness to hang out; chronic lyme and/or co-infections/other diseases the ticks carry.
We get NEEDED SUPPORT from those walking in our shoes, and share in EDUCATING one another.
We are blessed to have over 700 boards in ONE location! A WIN-WIN.
" (Bettyg)

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Hi, I am 40 years old, and was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder (Mixed State) when I was a teenager, so I have been living with it for a long while. Overall, I manage the BP quite well. Also cope with several other health issues. (Fibromyalgia,Chronic Fatigue,Petit mal siezures, IBS, Asthma, Allergies, chronic excema,migraine, hypothyroidism.)
Am married to a wonderful man, have three great children, two daughters 23 and 19 and a son of twelve. Also have three stepsons, 24, 20 and 15 yrs old.
I have been a stay at home mom and wife for the past three years, was in advertising and real estate before that.
My motto is always "Stay strong, keep smiling, have faith" and remember, there are others out there with bigger problems than I have.

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One of my not so good days at all.

May 14 2012

My three doctors and my husband decided that it was a good day for e to leave the hospital and get back to "normality".I really want to know what my normality is?

I really dislike hospitals more than you can immagine, it is isually a fight to get me there, get me in and make me stay there. It was really quite an ordeal. I never feel quite in control in the hospital.


11 April 2012 - Getting worse!

Apr 12 2012

Ok, I give up, slipping further and further into depression. NOT a happy situation. Sooo pleased that I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow. I hate feeling like this!

I know, logically, thatit is the bipolar, but all the logic in the world doesn't help one to feel 'better'.

Hopefully my Dr has some good advice. He usually does though. I do think that part of the depress...

Tuesday- Back to 'normal'.

Apr 10 2012

Well, everyone is back at work, school and university today. Except me. At home as usual. Like my own company, as long as it's not for too long.

My day was ok, but I don't feel myself, a bit weepy and depressed. No real reason tho, maybe an anticlimax after the weekend.

Managed to avert an argument with Buks yesterday. Just let him play his music loud and went and sat somewh...

Monday 9th April - A Good Easter Weekend!

Apr 09 2012

Had a good Easter Weekend. Spent alot of time with family. Everybody seemed to be in a good space, and there was no overt tension. That makes it so much easier for me.

Am running along nicelybetween a four and a five. I can really live with that. I seem to be calm, and content.

Seeing my dad was very nice, at least I have seen with my own eyes that he is OK. The Drs don't know w...

06 April 2012- Good Friday

Apr 06 2012

Today is a day that I used to spend in church! Not recently though.... hopefully I will get back there someday.

All in all not a bad day, quiet and relaxing. Hubby made me breakfast in bed. Makesa girl feel loved.

Scoring a 4-5 today, at least I am calm. it is nice having the whole family at home for a few days.

Going to see my prents on Sunday so that i can see for myself how...

05 April 2012 - Coping?

Apr 04 2012

Am I coping? Very down about my dad, something about seeing such a strong man ill and scared. Never seen my dad scared before!

Change of season also getting to me! I don't know why, but I always seem to hit a low when the seasons change. Want to hide away and stay there for a while.

Finding it very difficult to keep on a 'brave, happy face' for Buks and the kids at...

Calm, content, serene!

Mar 26 2012

Had a good weekend. Not too much stress, relaxed a bit. Feeling very calm today. Helps that there has been no confrontation or arguements at home.

It's so good to feel good for a change. Hope it lasts for a while. Am very blessed to have such a great hubby and kids. support makes all the difference.


Wednesday 21st

Mar 21 2012

Have had a strange week since we got back from the wedding. Quite depressed, but I think it is time for a change of meds. Need to make appoin tment to see my psychiatrist.

I definitely need somethingto make me sleep, need to get into a decent sleep pattern.

Was a public holiday today, so hubby was home, and the kids. That was real nice.

Even managed some 'quality time'...

Teusday... Trying to stay CALM

Mar 13 2012

Hi, today has gone well all things considered. Had to pick my daughter up from work this morning as she was feeling ill, at 9am, was still in bed deciding whether to get up or not. So I had toget up!! LOL!

Then i actually ran all the household errands on my list, even managed to get a pair of pants for my son for the wedding on Saturday.

Just taking it one hour at a time! And b...

Monday, Not so blue!

Mar 12 2012

Had a full day today, even though it took me ages to get going this morning. Tired! I guess it's partly being up till the early hours of the morning, and partly just going through a rough patch. Saw my doctors today, dog bite still not healing, more than a month now, still have chest and urinary tract infection. More meds. and the virus is playing havoc with my fibromyalgia, so doc upped pa...

Feeling slightly panicked about this comming week!

Mar 11 2012
Have to go to my sister in laws wedding on Saturday. THey live a way away, so we leave on Friday and return on Sunday. Hate traveling and being away from home. Having to fit in with someone elses routineand use somone elses 'stuff'. Don't 'have much support at home from hubby about it, he feels I am making a 'M ountain out of a molehill.' So I think this is going to be a lo...

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