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  "Had a stroke, docs have no idea why. " (Kimmy1965)

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suebaby41"I was recently diagnosed with Recurrent Breast Cancer In The Chest
Wall. I would not be able to handle it as well as I am without the
help of my MDJunction friends. It just proves to me that there are
lots of good people in this world and I am happy to be involved with
MDJunction who seems to have most of them.
" (suebaby41)

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Kiwi's log

Just a place to get my thoughts and emotions onto paper.

Where did my parents go?

Aug 19 2013

Because of financial issues, I recently returned to my parents house.  For some sort of technicality,I lost my food stamps. I usually do a routine of sending 34 job  applications per day.  Although recently this has no longer become possible.  there are numerous businesses that I've sent multiple applications to.  I've taken classes on how to get a job, or perfo...


Jul 22 2013

Today I was reading over my past journal entries.  I noticed there were a few spelling errors.  It's expected since I'm using a mobile device with an auto spell check feature.  


Today, I recieved a call at 8:15.  I was denied food stamps because my mailing address is at my parents residence, I no longer have any assistance because I don't own a...

Difficult people

Jun 14 2013

It's been a little over a year now since I have posted in here.  Recently I moved in with my partner.  I have been having the time of my life, at least until 5pm Monday through Friday.  Around that time the spirit of Adolf hitler comes home and mistreats us.  I help around the house every way I can, but she can be very difficult.  I'm sure everyone at some point...

Sucessful parenting

May 04 2012

I've noticed a pattern, although it may have seemed obvious.


A parent CANNOT be both sucessful in life, and sucessful at raising their kids.


If the parentssuceed in life, the chikld has it too easy, and become spoiled.


If they step off on an entry level job, money is tighter, and life lessons are learned.


My parents...

People sho don't earn their sucess.

May 04 2012

My friend lied on his application to get a job.  held the job for 6 months, then got fired.  but he got another job the exact same day because of his false work experience.

I go torandom places to apply for a job, and i see alot of people i knew from highschool.  They have a job, and i don't.  These are the same people who offered me drugs, the same people who att...

I don't feel apriciated.

May 04 2012
So quite a bit has happened since i've been out of town.  A close friend of mine defended himself in a fight against his father by pulling a knife on him.  the knife wasn't used, andthey just tossed each other around the house, breaking some shelves and computer equipment.  One of my roommates, and his girlfriend, said that it wouldn't of happened like that if they were...

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