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  "dx'd in 2/2010" (jenholm25)

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sleepySheri"in august 2008, i accidentally found this site and i love it. i have struggled with narcolepsy since 1993 and to this day i have never met another narcoleptic in person. to share my story and read the stories of others as well as try to help others means the world to me. i want to thank all those who are there to listen to me and to give me advice...." (sleepySheri)

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chrisie722 I will be starting the treatment the 1st of the year. I am going to fight like Hell to Kill the Animal that is Living Within Me. I must do this for myself and my family. I am very scared. I am positive we all are. I know I will be very sick. But I have to do this. I HAVE TO KILL THIS ANIMAL.

Question----HOW MUCH SNOW CAN WE TAKE ????????????

Jan 04 2010

Answer--MORE AND MORE AND MORE !!!!!!  Let me see, We has 11 1/2 inches,got 3 more, and expecting up to 7 more on Wed. God I can't take this. Let me out of this State...Is anyone else goingSNOW CRAZY, or is it JUST ME?? I wish I lived in Aruba  Sun,Water,WARM!!! TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!! PLEASE

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