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Colleenj"As someone with Bipolar II, it is not easy finding people who understand. Here at MD Junction, EVERYONE understands. What an incredible feeling it is knowing that I don't have to deal with this disorder alone. MD Junction is the best resource I have found on the internet as support for just about any mental or physical condition." (Colleenj)

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Apr 02 2012
I have been getting small panic attacks/anxiety almost every time I sit down at my kitchen table for lunch. I just realized that I was sitting at that table during my first major panic attack which hadoccurred shortly after lunch.  SO interesting that my mind is trying to scare me away from the place I most enjoy spending time with my family. Guess what panic? Not going to happen. Although, this has been a very effective appetite supressant. Haha, my own form of dieting. My mom is amazing. She doesn't necessarily understand what I'm going through but she is willing to learn and do whatever she can to help. Today she took my kids home with her for the week so that I can have some alone time with my husband and myself. So this is it for me. I'm taking a stand against this ridiculousness that is trying to make me weak. I purchased a program called Panic-Away and am going to work my butt off on that this week. I did alot of research before purchasing it and found that it has a 90-95% success rate and there were no real negative comments about it. The one thing that all the sites said is that you really have to believe it will work. Well if there is one thing I am, it's a believer. It makes it so much easier for me too since my kids are out of the house. They are always the first thing that goes through my head when I have an attack. "Oh my gosh, I'm going to go crazy in front of my kids." or "What if I lose my mind and hurt my babies?" It is just so freeing knowing that I don't have to worry about that and I can put my whole energy into fighting this thing. I am soooo excited to begin this journey and looking forward to sharing my successes with my new friends.

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