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Chuck2"I feel like I have found a new home here. Before I cam to MDJunction I was without any interaction with people in my situation. This is a great place to come when you need help or want to offer help. It also helps to learn more about my condition." (Chuck2)

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No Meds for This Guy

Apr 21 2012
So I went to my doctor and explained everything to him. He went over my blood test results and EKG results as well since I haven't seen him since. He said my levels weren't just good they wereamazing. I'm perfectly healthy! Haha Pearl, it's just me and you girl! It was also awesome to find out that he used to struggle with anxiety as well. I told him that I was trying to do the no med thing and he said that if I wanted to give a non-narcotic a try he could prescribe me an antihistamine which has been used to treat anxiety. Sure why not? He also referred me to a psychologist because he said a psychiatrist would be more likely to push drugs on me. I haven't made the appointment yet but I think I will. So yesterday I took the pill (25mg twice a day) and it worked. I mean I didn't have any anxiety but I also didn't have any other feelings either. I was just so damn tired! So as crazy as it sounds I'd rather have panic attacks and anxiety then have no energy/emotions at all. So I tried it, didn't like it and didn't take it today. I've done just fine. No anxiety, no panic. I swear it really is the power of positive thinking. The deep breathing and nightly affirmations that I've been doing help me end the day on a positive note. I even think that my patience is improving since starting on this Panic Away program. I know I'll still have my set backs but I just feel so much stronger and wiser now. I really am glad that I have anxiety and panic in my life because it has helped me realize alot of things about myself (good and bad) and is giving me the motivation to change the things I can.

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