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  "i wear the purple ribbon for my 9 yr old daughter who has ADHA " (ambriz)

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Nightstars"Before I met MDJ earlier this year,I was severely isolated, avoiding direct contact with the world.
Now because of being able to contact anonymously, ask questions and get answers, and contribute to helping others,I am becoming part of the world again. I'm a member of several support groups.It helps me get a picture of how to become the whole person I want to be.
" (Nightstars)

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mamatrixie My journey on learning to cope with this new issue.

My Body

Apr 28 2012
It is a truly amazing thing. When I was 16 I was in a near fatal car crash but survived and healed miraculously. I gave natural birth to twins and breastfed those twins for ten months. I have beenable to finish a marathon without passing out. On occasion I have even used this body to get a free drink:) Maybe one of the reasons my body is going against me through panic is because I haven't given it enough credit or enough of a break. I have drank too much and experimented with way too many drugs. I'm always trying to get that "ideal" body and sometimes work out and diet in an unhealthy way. I don't listen to my body's warning signs when I know I need to rest or chill out, I just keep pushing. This is my one and only body and it has been an amazing gift from Above. I so need to learn to respect it and myself on a deeper level. I feel that I'm beginning to do this through doing deep breathing and yoga, eating healthier and allowing myself to indulge in junk food every once in awhile without feeling guilty about it. Just another reason to view this whole experience as a blessing. I'm getting back in touch with myself and my limits and in the process I'm making life much more pleasurable again.

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