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Peace77"Mdj to me is a place a can visit to talk to anyone while going through a hard time with depression.
I have learned so much from others and I'm grateful to all my special friends here. It truly is a place you can talk to people, and you will never be treated negatively. I have found only, caring and kind support here. Thank you Mdj for a place I call my home, when I need to get away from my life..and have unbiased support..
" (Peace77)

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Birthday Today!!

Aug 26 2011

So, today is my birthday and I am making myself get out of this house... Prayers and wishes of luck needed!! I actually feel okay today so far.. not much pain just the normal running to the bathroom:/

Well, guess I need to get this day started!!

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written by JTSimon, August 26, 2011
Happy Birthday, best wishes to you for a pain free birthday smilies/smiley.gif
written by WarEagle87, August 26, 2011
Thank you, JTSimon!
written by kildare56, August 26, 2011
May this be only one of the great birthdays to come. You have my prayer for the best of days and the best life.
written by WarEagle87, August 26, 2011
Thank you, kildare!
written by ZoeR, August 26, 2011
Happy Birthday! Hope you have the best birthday EVER!!! smilies/cheesy.gif
written by WarEagle87, August 26, 2011
Thank you, ZoeR!
written by libit, August 26, 2011
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! AND MANY MORE smilies/smiley.gif
written by WarEagle87, August 27, 2011
Thank you,Libit!
written by zaftig, August 27, 2011
Happy birthday, my dear!
written by WarEagle87, August 27, 2011
Thank you, zaftig!

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