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  "My mamma is dying of COPD" (dixie1864)

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sarahtroy"There's a special place in my heart for MDJ's Bipolars dealing with Alcoholism support group. As an alcoholic in recovery, it is my safe harbor. I draw strength and hope from our Bipolar alcoholics and addicts who bravely share their experiences and courageously face our common demons. This is a special, close and safe group to explore any alcohol or drug issues. I have made many dear friends and been sustained by the love and acceptance so freely offered." (sarahtroy)

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Daily life with Crohn's

Prayers Please

Apr 30 2012

My Dad lost his sister today.. Its very hard. He is the baby of 5 kids.. He lost his Brother in April 2006 his Dad in August 2011 and today lost a Sister. Please pray for our family as we gothrough this tough time


Tired and Depressed!

Sep 21 2011

Feeling depressed and so tired of being sick and feeling like all I do is complain. Just sick and tired of being sick and tired! Depression seems to be an everyday thing lately, I do not like it! I just want to walk outside and scream til I can't anymore.. seems good to me! But, can't (the neighbors would call the cops) :)

I have to find a...

Doctor tomorrow.. again!

Sep 19 2011

Haven't felt good at all today.. .which isn't out of the ordinary. Just been sitting here feeling like crap.. People use to tell me all the time " you sure smile a lot" nowI hear "you never smile". I hate that. 

Going to the Doctor tomorrow to talk about my heart issues :( and knee damage. Kinda scared.

I to...


Sep 17 2011

Still weak and tired. Swelling had went down and now its starting to swell up again (stomach). Knee's are swelling again. Feeling depressed. Just want to cry.. well okay am crying. I feellike all I do is complain and complain. But, I wake hurting go to bed hurting and I need to talk about it. My husband is great and anytime I just need to talk he listens but I don't want to keep...

Home from the hospital

Sep 15 2011

Just got home from the hospital.. my knee's were so swollen and red. And my pulse was high which its usually 140-160 its supposed to be 80! I have to see a specialist as soon as possible for myknee's and he thinks the Crohn's is doing something to my heart :( Going to get some rest it was a long long wait and very tiring!


Feeling very depressed!

Sep 10 2011

Not feeling good today. So gonna have me a lil pity on here for a moment! :)

Feeling depressed. 

I am so sick and tired of being sickand tired. It was all I could do to get my house picked up today. I was so wore out my chest was hurting and I couldn't breathe. But if I don't do it it won't get done. My husband works 6...

Doctor today :(

Sep 08 2011

Well, I went to my Doctor today and he gave me some antibiotics for the infection in my mouth caused from Crohns, its making my teeth just crumble out :( very disturbing!

My mouth hurts 24/7 it first started with just the skin falling off the sides of my cheeks on the inside now my teeth in the back are loose and crumbling out.

He is takin...

Birthday Today!!

Aug 26 2011

So, today is my birthday and I am making myself get out of this house... Prayers and wishes of luck needed!! I actually feel okay today so far.. not much pain just the normal running to the bathroom:/

Well, guess I need to get this day started!!


Grandfather Passed today

Aug 12 2011
My grandpa passed away today and I thank the Lord I made it time to be w/ him and I was with him when he passed. It hurts so much! And my crohns has been so bad today even before I got the news to go to hospital now its so much worse. He was fine last night and they found him this morning past out at 6am the blood was too deep into his brain they couldn't do surgery. Anyone reading this.. Plea...

Pain go away!...

Aug 05 2011
Well, I had been feeling better for the past two days... then it all came back today. I think its cause I am out of my new "medicine" but about to go get some more. Hopefully I will be back into feeling better when I get it. I hate having to rely on this new stuff just to feel better. But at least I found something.. its the only thing that helps. Got my new stand up shower in.. haven...

Leaving the house....

Jul 31 2011
Well, I started getting ready to head out to my parents house and I got so shaky in my legs and hands I had to sick down. Thought I would write some.. it helps sometimes. Tried to eat something so I couldtake my meds but that wasn't gonna happen. I love my parents I miss them so much I hardly get to see them much.. I really want to spend time w/ them more my mom has a brain tumor and she's...

Very Depressed and Hungry..

Jul 30 2011
I have gained 30 lbs in 2 months... how can this be??? I stay sick all the time so why am I gaining???? This depresses me so much. I hate this disease.. here I go again w/ my pity party.... But I justdon't know what to do anymore.... I can't keep gaining weight!! Makes me not want to eat... but when I get depressed I eat or sad I eat... just don't understand how I am gaining when all I...


Jul 29 2011
Horrible day so far.. extremely stressed! In so much pain.. my stomach and my legs are killing me... My power was getting cut off today and my car was also due today but luckily and thank God my husband got some unexpected money and has went to pay them.. God is good.. my internet bill is passed due and will be cut off Sunday... But I know God will bless again and something will come throu...

Bad Day

Jul 28 2011
Horrible day today! I can't seem to get out of this chair. I am in so much pain and stressed to the max. I just want to go back to bed but too much pain to get out of chair! ...


Jul 26 2011
I have been living w/ Crohn's for 10 years now. Didn't start getting worse til about 5 years ago. Now I can't walk without a cane, my legs hurt all day and all night, standing sitting I neverhave relief. I feel angry all the time cause I fell no one knows what I am going through. My husband takes good care of me and I still find myself getting ill w/ him. My stomach pain is unbelievabl...

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