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  "I have had 9 miscarriages" (babygirl2014)

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JonesFallsX I'm trying to figure things out. I feel so lost.

Strength in Pain. Strength in Gentleness.

May 13 2011

I am coming to believe in strength in pain as I work this process. I am also coming to trust something I've always believed, that there is strength in being gentle.

Right now I need to gentlewith myself. As I emerge from denial there is shock, pain, anger, and fatigue. It hurts and it's very scary. It's been a more than 6 month long process even though my recovery began six months ago.

I must continue forward through the pain. I must feel this, I've been carrying it long enough, it's time to accept it and let it be. I must be gentle with my self through this.

"I trust my higher power for a safe outcome in my changing life"

My higher powers are: CoDA, ACA, SAA, time, recovery, fate, angels, and g-d. They are all powers greater than myself that I turn to in this process and turn things that I can not control over to.

Step-by-step. Day-by-day. Moment-by-moment.

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