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Question time

Aug 14 2011

I am at it again, questioning everything, second guessing everything. I wan my space and that is hard for some people to accept because they take it so personally. If I don't get my space tho, I know what we will be over.

When I want my space I hate being touched and if I force it then a persons touch will make me feel sick and dirty. How do you say that to someone you love?

Thats if I actually do love them.

My mind at the moment is I want to be alone, that I really don't feel the way I think I feel and that is so compelling at the moment because I don't feel anything at all. Just a sore ankle that is so uncomfortable.

I am thinking that maybe I should end it, but there is a part of me that is crying out no, give it a few days and it will all come back, you know that. So for Now I wait. Knowing that soon I will be back to being me.

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written by VickiD, August 15, 2011
waiting is the hardest part, goodluck and hang in there

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