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  "I have a visual impairment and my roommate has depression and chronic fatigue. ..." (karel6)

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aTinaL"To me, Mdjunction comes down to motivation. The support and information I have found here motivated me to take a very proactive stance regarding my illness. This led me to find medication and doctors that are giving me my life back.
More important than even the motivation, though, is the friendship I have found at MDJ. I have made some of the best friends of my entire life right here in this group. Even though most of us have never met, it feels as if we have known each other for years.
If Angels walk among us, and I believe that they do, most of them are here at MDJ.
" (aTinaL)

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Kasey025 Having bipolar disorder is a day-to-day challenge for me. Everytime I feel like I'm doing well I turn a corner into a manic cycle or severely depressed cycle. Want to keep up with my thoughts so maybe it can help me.

Back to work ?!?

Oct 27 2009
So I am back to work. Its nice to be on a routine again, it has really helped me. I am finding myself already having anxiety though. Finally saw my new pdoc, he tried to play with my meds and got me allscrewed up but I'm a very stubborn patient and ingored him and smoothly put myself right back on my regular meds. I have got to go back in two weeks to see him again, he won't be happy with me but oh well its my body and I know what works for me. I had to just ride this last manic spell out. It was very hard for me and playing with my meds seemed to have just made it worse. I feel stable now, I hope I can stay that way. Its very hard for me to work. I just feel alot of anxiety but on the other hand keeping a routine helps me. I guess we will just see what happens lol.

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