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Claire138"It's been a year since I joined the Parkinson's Disease Support Group on MDJunction and all I can say is thank you all for the support, compassion and friendship I've received and been able to give as well. It was a lonely night when I came upon this site, but the nights aren't that lonely anymore...
With gratitude to all...
Claire138 (aka Bonnie)
" (Claire138)

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Sinus infection and broken foot

May 02 2011
I helped my adoptive parents clean out their old rotten house and mobile home. I don' t understand hoarders. They want to keep everything b/c it has a sentimental value, even though it is rotten, moldy, broken, etc.  I had a 2 foot piece of granite fall on my foot, up on the small bones by the ankle. Pretty sure it is broken b/c every time I wiggle my toes or put weight on it it hurts.  With the nasty house and mobile home, sure the trailor has black mold in it, I have the worst sinus infection ever.  The two days I spent in the trailor I had some kind of allergic reaction on my skin later that night, with a rash and whole body itching.  I left there yesterday so pissed off at them that I don't want to see them for a while.  Though I love them, they are the nastiest people I have ever met.  The trailor smelled like cat piss, b/c they never cleaned her litter box and she peed and crapped all over the house on everything!!!!!! And he smoked cigars and let everyone smoke cigarrettes in there. They never dusted, everything was covered in 2-3 inches of dust and pee.  They kept magazines and the books that the cat peed on.  Okay enough about that it is just pissing me off.  I just need some space from them right now. And my head and foot hurt

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written by heager1, December 13, 2011
wow I would of said no to that.. yuk I get sick to easy..

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