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Nothing really..just awake and bored

Jun 10 2010

I am so exhausted but cannot sleep lately....been raining here and that means lumpies gone wild HAHA I been trying to stay positive the last few days regardless of the pain. My thoughts are not as clear as I would like them to be. I feel like the days slip thru my fingers....before i realize it I am on Friday and it felt like Monday. 

Summer has started for my children and well it has been difficult to adjust my schedule and theirs. I usually try and take a nap before they got home but as we all know kids do NOT like to take naps. It's going to be a looong summer. 

 On a better note I am working on my recipes still. Just good wholesome recipes and got permission from Dr. H to post i am excited about that!  I have been enjoying the food and I definitely stay full and my tummy doesn't hurt at all. 

I did accidentally have a piece of pork from a stupid buffet the other day and boy was I vomiting all night long. I didn't even eat that much, but my stomach rejected it. 

 I have not been doing so well on my vitamins. I keep forgetting to take them. When I feel better physically, I forget to stop and breathe LOL I bought all the rest of the vitamins that Dr. H suggested. I still hear my PCP she a real doctor? well as long as she doesnt have you do anything that will hurt you....ugh one thing for sure, I want a test for DD so doctors can shut their mouth already! I sure wanted to tell my when someone has severe vitamin d diffiency do you give them tylenol or vitamin d? He had said "well it seems she is taking a home pathic approach"Obviously our bodies are missing something! I have been drinking more green tea, and so weird...i would swear some of my lumps are decreasing. I know the tea is regulating my temperature and helping me to think more clearly. So thats a perk. No sugar in it of course. :)

My house is a MESS. It is driving me nuts. I sit and look at it and close my eyes and swoosh I pretend some fairy just made it all go away and my eyes its still there HAHA Oh well maybe one day my husband will get me a maid. Or maybe he will actually wear a maid outfit and clean for me...hmmm not gonna happen!! HAAH Ok i must be delirious! Just the thought of that...well you had to see it for yourself...

Well I hope everyone is having a better day that yesterday :) Lots of hugs to my friends at MDJ. 


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