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maryandjimmie Just my thoughts, It seems like since my mom passed Im feeling so alone. I miss her so much and I have no friends so this diary is a way of me getting my feelins out. I want to thank everyone who reads them and gives me support it means more then you will ever know.



Mar 09 2011

Well its been awhile since i wrote in my diary so i decided to talk about how i was feelin lately. As most of you know I got married on Feb 8th and that morning I woke up sick and from there its been down hill. The cold lasted 3 weeks and during that time I have been having so much problems with my knees and the pain is just off the chart. I have tried everything to help relief the stress but nothing is working so far, I have been having them elevated with a heating blanket on them and keeping them wrapped also trying to stay off my legs as much as possible but walking now hurts so much and I have to wait till may to see the drs so its just real hard right now. I know this to shall pass just wish it would pass soon. I know the Lord wont give me more then I can bear so I figure he thinks im stronger then I do. I just wish I knew why my knees are swelling and in so much pain all the time even to bend them makes me cry so there has to be somthing else wrong cant be just the fibro. Well thats whats been going on over in this side of the world a day in my life. 


hugs mary

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