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ITeach91"MD Junction has been a lifeline to me. The support and information I receive from group members is so important for me to maintain a good quality of life. I struggled with a diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency and did not know where to turn, but then I found MD and it has been one of the most important tools to help me to enjoy my life and stay as healthy as possible. We really are stronger together than we could ever be alone." (ITeach91)

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Becca41102 A resolution to keep track of symptoms and how I feel...

March 6, 2011

Mar 06 2011

The new diet is working better, but I am still far from feeling good.  I tend to feel ok in the mornings but I still go to bed miserable.  I can't wait until I go to the doctor this Thursday.  I just hope he has answers this time...

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written by flrat69, March 07, 2011
And while you're at the doctor, I'll be getting Remicade infusion #3! A day for celebration to be sure! Goodluck, my friend.

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