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March 16, 2011

Mar 16 2011

Some things happened today to stir up lots of emotions I had already tried to put behind me.  Its hard to deal with it.  I'm feeling pretty stressed and I hope it doesn't  aggravatemy Crohn's.  I had been feeling ok and I hope it stays that way.  I start a new job Monday, and I guess a new life.  I feel pretty positive about everything, but I think all the good and bad stresses right now are adding up and I'm just a little overwhelmed.  I will just think of how thankful I am that my sons are doing good, I have been feeling fairly well, I have lots of friends and family that have helped me tremendously, and I start a new life Monday.  Things are ok.  :)

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written by Peglet, March 16, 2011
I know change is terrifying sometimes. You can do this. Good things are ahead for you.
written by tree75, March 17, 2011
Sounds like you are starting a new begining! smilies/kiss.gif Just remember not to let yourself get too stressed! It can aggrevate your crohns. Just make sure you take time for you! Hope all goes well!
written by angelmon, March 17, 2011
Good for you for having the courage to start a new begining, and glad to hear you are feeling good but watch the stress it always agrivates my crohns.
written by angelmon, March 25, 2011
Good luck on your new life, and hope you keep feeling good.

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