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  "My 13 year old Aspergian Daughter. It can take it all out of you but at the end..." (hopesmom)

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imsoblue"I was completely bewildered when I received my diagnosis of HH and cirrhosis. For so many years I had been told that what I was feeling was due to "old age", and I am 61 years old. I knew nothing about hemochromatosis or what to expect and even my family doctor did not have a clue. I found MDJ when I started to search on the internet. I have received so much compassion and education here. I am most grateful that I had the support from the cirrhosis group when I had my first episode of HE. I now know what I need to do to try keep this from happening. (lactulose). I feel very close to the people here. My goal is to educate people about HH and to support those affected by it. I read people's posts and I can just sense when people are feeling that absolute bewilderment. Thank you so much for all that all of you do for others." (imsoblue)

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Becca41102 A resolution to keep track of symptoms and how I feel...

February 17, 2011

Feb 17 2011

I took my youngest son to the park today for a walk.  The weather was perfect.  I always forget how much I love being outside until I am actually outside.  We only walked a little overa mile, but its a start.  I haven't been using the treadmill as I should for a while.  I've been sleeping a lot lately, too.  It has been causing my husband and kids to be upset with me a lot.  I don't understand why I have been so tired lately.  I may need a prescription vitamin or something.  I know all the  conditions I have can't help.  I have been putting my Dad off for about 2 weeks now.  He needs help cleaning out his barn.  I feel horrible when I can't make it out to the farm to help him.  Hopefully I will bounce back from this soon, if not I'll have to schedule an appointment to see what is going on.

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