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  "My youngest son was diagnosed with Essential Tremor when he was 5 years old..." (sweetlilmama)

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norma"Glad I joined MDJ. Why? In one word PEOPLE. The folks at this site are some of the best people in the world. They have made my life better by being there for me. Thanks for making a place where support is available for me. You guys make this world a better place." (norma)

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The Dog Diaries...

Jun 27 2010

Thanks, guys.... More thoughts.... I've said this elsewhere, but don't remember if I've said it here... Rain was a gift from God. She showed up when we needed her. At the exact moment intime when we needed her. Ridiculous as it may sound to some, when my husband called me at work that day to ask if we could adopt the dog he'd already agreed to adopt that was sitting in his offic...

The Dog Diaries.....

Jun 23 2010

I don't know where else to write, so I will do it here.... My pain has slowly been ebbing, since Rain died last Thursday morning. But hubby decided to drink tonite, and I've finally realizedhe can't drink Vodka anymore. Makes him crazy.....

My crying has slowly subsided since last Thursday, so it was a really good day for me today until he decided he wasn't going to b...

He said something last nite that has me totally baffled...

Dec 31 2009

A couple of days ago, I demanded that he treat me with respect, no more insulting remarks and no more name calling... He told me last night that he would not allow himself to be 'pussy-whipped,' that it was OK for him to treat me well if he FELT LIKE IT, but that if I insisted on this it wouldn't be right because he wouldn't feel like he was doing it voluntarily. He also said th...


Dec 29 2009

Christmas presents... I took the one and only Christmas present I bought him out from under the tree and stashed it so that I can take it back to Walmart and get my money back. Is that too self-serving, too nasty or too destructive?

Gloria... Where are you when I need you??????? 



OMG!!!! Now he's on his cell phone...

Dec 28 2009

which I pay for, telling his friend that he went to an Al-Anon meeting last night to 'try to cope with me.' When will this dumbass leave my house??????????????????????????

This is thekind of shit that may well eventually drive me insane.... Need more comments/support, ladies. 



Why do I drink?

Dec 28 2009

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate your input... OK, next topic... Why do I drink? Let me count the whys...

1.  Family predisposition

2.  Both mother and father were alcoholics

3.  Father died in 1999 of cirohhis(sp?)

4. BP husband

5 Bp husband

6 Bp husband

7 BP husband

8 BP husband

9 BP husband

10 BP husband



Dec 28 2009

I hope I do this correctly... new to the diary  thing... OK, so what has he called me lately? Lazy. Gotta love that one. I began working in 1973, and have never stopped. I've supported hisass for the last 20 years. Got laid off in late October, was called back a week later and asked to work 10 hours per week, then 20, now back up to 25 (except for the holidays). And I'M LAZY???? I...

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