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shamarie6"MDJunction to me is a place of refuge. A place I can come to for the support that I need, as well as a place to support others in need. A place where I don't worry about being judged because of my disabilities & there are people who truly understand what I live with on a daily basis." (shamarie6)

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tiflemetry I am a Mom, Wife, Registered Nurse, student, and sometimes just a human. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and am showing signs of PTSD. It does NOT define me. I am stubborn to a fault, and I always put my family before myself. I think I have a calling in life that relates to all of this. Oh, and I WISH that mental health patients could be treated with a simple drug regimen, like other diseases, instead of it having to be a very intricate puzzle, different in every way for each person. ...Read More

Nothing Exciting Today

Jan 04 2011

Just nothing exciting or fantastic today.  I started work really early.  I saw patients.  About half of them were clueless as to who I was, and the rest of them were busy taking naps.  I can't wait to become a geriatric.  I came home, made dinner, my daughter finally ate a decent amount of food at dinner.  My son came home from his mother's house smelling like a bar.  It is after 9pm, and my daughter is still awake, which is not normal for her until recently.  

Tomorrow marks the halfway mark for the week.  I just can't wait for this week to be over.  My daughter's birthday party is on Sunday, but, as my husband reminded me, not a lot of people are going to come.

That has been the deal my entire life.  I plan something, a party or get together, people say they will show, and most of them have an excuse (or no excuse) at the last minute.  Anyway, I know most of my family will show, I can only hope, for my daughters sake, that his family shows.  I know his mom isn't too thrilled with me (we had a few words when I had asked for her help and got her opinion at the time too), but I hope she doesn't take that out on her grandchildren.

Ah, anyway, nothing to report.

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