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  "because I was abused as a little girl, " (wierdo4)

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colorobert"MDJunction has given me the resources to be able to handle the day to day stress of the day. When I can't talk to my therapist, I know that I can put my question on the forums and some nice person will respond to me. Nice to know that there is others that is like me." (colorobert)

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DustyW I've always been able to help myself by helping others. I learn so much from others that directly affect me. I have always felt that being alone is the saddest of days. Though some may not understand the pain they certainly try, which makes me sad in a bitter-sweet way. I enjoy helping others have a better day. Sometimes I almost find myself selfish, looking for someone to cheer. There's no better feeling for me to wipe away someone's tear.
Maybe this sounds strange to most, but it's just how I am. So if you need a friendly ear or just want to say hi, please feel free!
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Jun 28 2010

I never ceases to amaze me that normal chores like grocery shopping and laundry are too much for me.  After a terrible night sleep, I felt pretty good this morning so I decided that to day wouldbe grocery day!  After all the buying, loading, unloading and putting away, I still wasn't in too much pain so I decided to do some laundry.  Unfortunatley for me some turned into 10 and now I feel like every part of my body is begging for death!  Not that that is ever an issue with me.  I'm too stubborn for that.  I just can't believe that from the bottoms of my feet all the wat to the crown of my head aches sooooooo much! 

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written by Tabi, June 28, 2010
I totally understand where you are coming from. I too am a doer and we really need to not fill our days too full on "good days" as they can all too quickly become bad ones. It's hard to find that happy medium of just right and oops...went to far that time. I hope tomorrow is better for you and if it is maybe go to a park and read a book smilies/cheesy.gif. All the best.
written by DustyW, June 29, 2010
Thank you, I appreciate someone understanding. It drives me nearly crazy being stopped from doing normal activities. I've always liked to be on the go. I used to say idol hands are the devil's tool. So I try to keep busy, I guess I just have to find something busying that also isn't strenuous. Hopefully I will. Maybe I'll go to Barnes n' Noble and find myself a good book. That would be a treat.

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