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  "I wear this ribbon because I have a friend who cuts himself, and I have scratche..." (TheGiftedOne)

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cwille"MDJunction means a lot to me, i have been to other sites where you would post a question or comment and never get an answer, not here, somebody will answer your comment or question and not make you feel stupid or think you made a ridiculous question, the people here even though they are not doctors are very knowlegdgable about thier conitions and that makes me very comfortable. From the beginning i have felt very secure in my comments knowing that i will recieve knowelegable and nice answers." (cwille)

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butterfly2 These pages are meant to describe a painful journey, but a journey none the less that will hopefully bring my husband and me peace and joy.


Jun 12 2010
I'm trying to stay positive but the fighting is getting worse.  I feel like he doesn't want to be around me and that we just can't get along...he is so much happier when he is not aroundme.  When he is at work or with his friends he is a different person.  When he is with me he is miserable.  Everything I say and do is wrong....and he blames the medications and my hormones.  I feel like he doesn't even try to understand what I am going through....what it is like to be the one to give myself shots, and take medications, and go to the dr's appointments with my legs in stirrups having things shoved in me.  He says he's with me in this for the long haul and that he's not going this point, I'm not sure.  What is happening to us?  I want this more than anything in the world with bring a baby into the world with him and for him to love me like I want to be loved.  I want to know that he's really committed to me...our marriage, and our possible future family.  I want to know that he's committed to me whether or not we have a child.  Right now...the way he acts when we are actually together....I'm not so sure and it hurts so badly.

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