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  "For my mother who has pancreatic cancer" (cece1124)

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puppylover"When I was diagnosed I was scared didn't know what to do or where to go..I started reserching bipolar and somehow ended up here at MD....Again scared but needing to know what was in store I asked a question..WOW the people who care..I know I would be lost now if I did not join..made many friends and they have helped me through thick and thin. and never judged...........XX Thank you MD and all.Love all of you.......Laurie Pachin" (puppylover)

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Feb 06 2011

Where is the center of our world? Does everything we do revilve around someone else's problems or addictions?

We choose where to place the center of our world. If we choose acenter outside ourselves, we can't act for our own well-being. When we are centered in  our deep, inner spiritual core, all our actions enhance our well-being.

Being centered does not mean being self-centered, ruled by our ego's whimes, desires, fears, and distorted views. To be self-centered covers up self-hatred. Being centered reveals true self-love.

When we are centered we are focused on our Higher Power and our highest spiritual self. We are mindful of our true nature, and don't allow our decisions to be determined by others or by our egos.

My world is centered on my highest spiritual self.

~A Moment to Reflect; Setting Boundaries

I function so much better when I am centered. I can think, make wise decisions, share of myself, listen to others, etc. All around, I am open and honest. That is a wonderful feeling. 

Mania and depression take me to both ends of the spectrum. About as non-centered as possible. It takes me a lot of energy sometimes to find my HP. When my meds are stable and I have an idea of routines, it leaves room for me not to worry or be irrational. It is so hard to get there sometimes though. I am a very spiritual person and sometimes that comes so easily to me and I open like a rose. I just need to get rid of some of the insecurities I have so that I can stay open.

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