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lacs33 This Diary is about my marriage to an undiagnosed bi polar wife and mother and my constant struggle to gain some sort of understanding or rationale behind her rants and raves. As well as keep my sanity along the way.
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Apr 30 2012

So after a mix up with my paycheck and bouncing money from one account to another to cover some checks i wrote. I noticed something on our joint account that my wife's credit card balance was almost at the max limit again. I am not on the card thank god, just on the account.

So I looked up the charges 72.00 for brew fest tickets on April 15th, and 97.00 for a night at a hotel. Now April 15th is my wife's night to have our daughter.  That was the day i dropped her off with someone i did not know but my daughter knew, I received a text message from my wife saying that she was home with our daughter. But the paper trail tells another story. She was else ware with her boyfriend while my daughter was in the care of who knows. I certainly wasn't made aware of who she was with I was lead to believe she was in my wife's care. What makes this really bad is she got other people to lie to me as well. The woman I dropped her off with told me that my wife would be back shortly.

I just hurt all over right now, I just do not understand why. I've always put people's needs before mine, I always tried to be a good supportive husband, I just do not understand why.........I almost feel like i am being punished for something. I just can't comprehend why anymore.  

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written by Silverlock, April 30, 2012
Just remember it is not you. When they are manic, they would strike out at anybody like this that cares about them. It would not matter if you were Ghandi or Brad Pitt. It is like they get extra pay for every lie they can tell. I have never seen anything like it. But you are not being punished for anything you have done.
Your wife wants to have fun at any cost. No logic is being used. My wife neglected her kids without a thought during her current manic phase. The kids did nothing to her. I did nothing to her. She is doing it herself due to the chemicals being out of whack in the brain.
Your job right now is to make sure your daughter is safe, and decide how you want to ride the rest of this out, or if you want to ride the rest of this out.
written by sifted, May 03, 2012
You are not being punished, just being sifted!
You may never fully understand why.........
Take care

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