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  "I have had Panic Disorder approximately 40 years; off and on. I am currently in ..." (hunterda)

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JAYEPAWS"It means that finally I have someone to relate too. that I'm not the only one with these kind of problems. it really feels good not to be alone in this. I've made some good friends. I appreciated the support that I have found here at this site,

where as other parts of my life I don't get.
Thank you for being there & creating this site.

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lacs33 This Diary is about my marriage to an undiagnosed bi polar wife and mother and my constant struggle to gain some sort of understanding or rationale behind her rants and raves. As well as keep my sanity along the way.

Head scratcher

May 08 2012

So this past weekend my wife went away with her boyfriend she told me where she was going, called to check in on our daughter, told me actually a few of the places she was at. I dont know if its torub it in or what. Yesterday she sent me a message asking me to apply to a job on her last year at this time while we were happily married or so i thought i applied to a job for her on her behalf and she got it! It was a huge step up for her she was working with the government now  it was a nice pay increase great benefits and we both were extremly excited. So excited in fact we booked a trip to Disney, talked about having another child, even looked at buying a house. Little did i know that my world would come crashing down in a few months time.

So fast forward to yeseterday she asks me again to apply saying "i know its the last thing you want to do for me but i need this job and your the only one who can get it for me." Well thats all well and fine if we were still together. I wont say married since we are STILL married. But then she has the nerve to post on her fb page to all "our" friends and family that she is in a relationship with her BF. Really your going to ask me to do this for you and then turn around and disrespect me by posting your status as in a relationship on facebook.

Our daughter is sick she has pnuemonia so i took her to the Dr's spent about 60.00 on medication and the co-pay for the dr's and I she asked if i wanted money i said well yeah it'd be nice if you pay half if you have it.....she said well money is tight right now and i do not have it. But yet you just went away for the weekedn with your BF and two weeks ago spent 97.00 on a hotel room.

I just do not get why they do what they do. I mean i would think a sain person would understand the bounderies of a break-up/ divorce and respect them she just crosses them and expects me to be there to catch her i guess. I dont get it. I sit there a rack my brain trying to get in her head. And no-one else see's this but me.....that's the hard part. I think i may be the trigger.

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