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Fmsdaddy"Md Junction to me is my safe place. A place where I can feel safe to just open up talk about everything without burdening my wife. With all my health issues its nice to know that I am not alone, suffering form fibromyalgia,depression, and costochondritis with anxiety is a nightmare. Having the great people here at MDjunction is so great its hard to put into words. I dont think I would be getting through what I am going through without this great resource. I think everyone should know about mdjunction!" (Fmsdaddy)

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Natsprat The good, the bad and even the ugly. That is what you will find here.

Just Another Day

Aug 22 2009

I have to say I am just dissapointed. After receiving my serilogicaly backed diagnosis I was mostly happy that all those damn doctors didn't know jack. Then I was happy that I had something thatcould be handled and choices on how to handle it.

Since then reality has hit and I expected to see more improvement than I am which really bums me out. Four words I hate to hear "Are you feeling better?" Thank god most people just say it out of habit so it is easy to throw out a "fine thanks & you?"

Then there are those people who simply take one scrutinizing look at you and announce you don't feel good! Why are you doing this clearly you need to rest. This leads to a lot of staying home.

More later I have company.

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